Monday, October 6, 2008

World Cardmaking Day

These are the cards that I made on World Cardmaking Day - I had these x-stitch images ready to make into cards, and this was the right occasion to finish them. I really do enjoy x-st, and am very happy with how these cards turned out - now I need to get busy, and stitch some more!

If you want to find out about World Cardmaking Day - have a look at this site for the history of the day, lots of ideas, card gallery & more!


Scrap Jaci said...

Very creative, they are beautiful. I also x stitch but have never thought to use them on a card.
Thanks for sharing!

saturn65 said...

Yes, they are lovely!

Kim said...

Your x stitch cards are beautiful! I have a book with patterns to make x stitch cards but have not gotten around to doing anything with it. Love your blog also.

Deb Neerman said...

Gorgeous cards! How clever of you to use your x-stitch panels!!