Sunday, April 18, 2010

PIF - ("Pay It Forward")
I own a group called Crafty Frenz, and we have just started playing PIF - you can read all about it in this post, and if you would like to participate - go to - join the group, and then you can play with us!!

A PIF is like a RAK and a 1-4-1 ... all rolled into one. They are random, and must be returned ... BUT not to the person that sent it.
If you would like to play "PIF" please add your name & address to the PIF Database list.
Send ANYTHING crafty to anyone on the list. When they receive it, they must "Pay It Forward" by sending a return to someone else on the list within a month - who then does the same.
Do NOT tell the recipient that a PIF is being sent to them - they are random, and must be a surprise. BUT ... when you receive a PIF, you must acknowledge it on the group, and thank the sender - and please add a pic to the PIF Album.
All envelopes must be clearly marked with "Pay It Forward", our group name, and your name. I also add a little note with my gift, to explain who I am, what group I belong to, and that it's a PIF gift.
You may send any type of CRAFT gift - any theme, any colour, any size, any style, any medium - a doll, an ATC (or 2), a postcard, greeting card/s, a selection of crafty bits/embellishments etc, fabric, threads, papers, drawings, books/magazines, jewellery, inchies/twinchies/4 x 4's, stuffies, pincushions, embroidery, cross-stitch, aprons, patterns, templates etc etc etc ... your choice! And if you're concerned about the cost, just send within your own country, or send something flat in a regular envelope.
Please - ONLY send to members who have signed up in the PIF database.
And last of all, if your gift does NOT get acknowledged, please don't get upset about it - this is a RANDOM swap - all our gifts are being sent out into the big wide world without us, and sometimes the recipient will not let you know that it has arrived, or maybe they've left the group recently, and forgotten to remove their details. But I'm sure that ALL gifts will be loved in their new homes, and who knows, the recipient just might send out something to someone else - which is what PIF is all about!
BUT ... just remember that if YOU are on the PIF list you WILL start receiving gifts - so lets play!!

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